Since his parents divorced, 10-year-old Finn has been commuting back and forth between Berlin and Neustrelitz. Today is the first day of vacation and actually Finn wanted to go boating with his father. But because he (again) forgot about the trip together and took on an important job, the disappointed Finn was on the train back to Berlin a short time later. Finn's first unaccompanied train ride ends in an outright disaster. Not only does the sinister Heiko steal his backpack with all his belongings and his "sacred family album", because Finn can't remember his mother's phone number in his excitement, the conductor thinks he is a runaway and hands him over to the next station Police. Finn is frustrated. Nobody believes him. When a Polish van drives into the police car at a traffic light, Finn gets to know Jola (10). The quick-witted girl sees her chance to break away from overly strict Uncle Wojciech and lures Finn with horror stories about what will happen to him at the police station. Confused, Finn decides to run away with Jola. Because the children can now do whatever they want, Jola develops a crazy plan. She wants to go to the sea. She's never been there. Finn thinks the idea is absurd. He wants to go home as soon as possible. But when he finally manages to call home, his plan changes. His mother is at the other end of the landline, although she should have been waiting for him at the train station a long time ago. Finn feels confirmed in his self-image: You just forgot about him. Defiantly, he agrees to Jola's plan. What else can he do, since he didn't expect to have to fledge so early in his life. An adventurous journey through Wallachia begins for Finn and Jola. With ingenuity, wit and solidarity, the two of them overcome every hurdle, no matter how big, and become a team. They hijack an ancient tractor, spend the night in the forest and meet "real Vikings". When they even encounter a real wolf, Finn becomes thoughtful. The howling of the animal sounds infinitely sad. And Finn thinks he knows that "Master Isegrim" lost his pack. He himself often dreams of wolves and knows exactly how it feels. Jola senses that her boyfriend is in a bad way. In order to help him, she is ready the next morning, put aside their dream of the sea and take a detour. She wants to reclaim Finn's backpack - and more importantly - his "sacred family album" in which Finn has collected fond memories. The thief can't be far away, Jola has that "in her urine". And when they find out who or what 'Hackmack' is, they quickly reach their destination and can continue their journey. Finn is from Jolas touched by the service of friendship and gratefully agrees. In a worn-out rocker bar, the children finally manage to confront Heiko and "steal back" the backpack. And when Finn holds his family album in his hands shortly afterwards, he realizes that he is not as forgotten as he thought. This is proven by the countless attempts to call his parents. What a nice feeling not to be lost! Finn asks to return home. But Jola stands in the way. She doesn't want her journey to end. Where else should she go? Unlike Finn, Jola doesn't feel loved. Not missed. Not found. Also, a promise is a promise. Jola is ready to move on without Finn - the young friendship seems broken. But now, of all times, the pack of rockers is approaching. And it quickly becomes clear:"

Regie: Stefan Westerwelle

Darsteller: Lotte Engels, Miran Selcuk, Sarina Radomski, Anna Bergman

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