Bigger Than Us

Aged 18 to 25 years-old, they have changed laws, built schools, mobilized women, men and children by the thousands. On every corner of the planet, the youth dare to dream, experiment and live big. When everyone, every institution around them have failed. And what if they understood everything? LISTEN TO THE KIDS! Growing inequality, food, climate and migration crises, corruption... We know the data, the facts, the evidence. Most solutions already exist. Everything is on the table, except our will to change. We feel and thus are restrained, powerless. We may lack a positive representation of change, role models, aspirations which would be... BIGGER THAN US. With their clear and uncompromising words and actions, these young change-makers blow our minds. And lead us along a way where no factual arguments or scientific warnings could convince us or inspire us to go.

Regie: Flore Vasseur


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Frankreich 2022
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