cinema hire

cinema hire

You want to hire one or more halls for a short or longer period of time or even organise something together with us on a regular basis?! This is possible for both private and commercial clients.

In order to get a first overview of what you are planning, we have prepared a questionnaire (in German) for you to download. Please fill it out and send it to post(at) and you will shortly receive an offer or our queries if there is still a need for clarification.

A first price overview (in German) can be found here, it serves as a rough orientation. There is also a detailed explanation (in German).

We distinguish between 8 types of rentals:

  • Commercial use (mainly outside of normal screening time)
  • Private (non-public) performances before or during normal screening time
  • Panel and similar events with or without film
  • Special conditions, e.g. for universities, film school graduates, etc. School and educational projects
  • Co-operations - maybe you don't have to hire, but we find your project so interesting and important that we want to organise it together with you
  • Special format image & sound (e.g. photo shoot in the hall or filming)
  • Press screenings, press talks, photo calls, press conferences
  • Pro Bono events in aid of initiatives we would also like to support

What we do not do:

  • We are not a venue service provider for third party programmes
  • No buying into our official programme through hire
  • No music events - no parties
  • No purely party political events
  • Nothing that violates our code: racist stuff, weird conspiracy theories, anything contemptuous of women and people
  • Exclusive events for elite circles, flat-rate booking of the whole house, etc.
  • Elaborate catering (anything beyond so-called cold buffet or finger food)

Screen 1: 276 seats

Screen 2: 97 seats – possible daylight access

Screen 3: 143 seats – possible daylight access

Screen 4: 31 seats